Personalised Holidays in
New Zealand!

LeisureTheme provides quality, 100% tailored travel services for visitors to New Zealand.

We specialise helping you plan your holiday with emphasis on your special interests and hobbies and how you might combine them in scenic and exciting New Zealand - ‘your leisure with your themes’.

Let us know your thoughts for your New Zealand holiday and together we will create a unique holiday, you stay in charge, you set the pace and we provide options and our extensive New Zealand expertise. Together we create the freedom and independence of a unique holiday tailored to your requirements.

LeisureTheme can also assist you select accommodation and transport and will make the bookings on your behalf for a complete package to achieve the holiday and budget intended. We are independent of all providers and regions. We work for you to ensure you receive the value and quality you seek.

New Zealand is a young country, unique in its varied and spectacular landscape and with its own culture. Excellent roads with little traffic make New Zealand a compelling self-drive destination for visitors of all ages. A planned itinerary will address your priorities and our knowledge will ensure efficiencies and that you don’t always follow the ‘beaten track’ – we know the country.

We work with couples and small groups and know the over 45’s sector best – when you’ve proved all you need to and are NOT looking to jump off bridges or other extreme adventure.

Principal is David Jones, a 'Kiwi' who has lived in and toured New Zealand for half a century. He has also travelled extensively and lived overseas and has a first-hand appreciation of travellers’ requirements. LeisureTheme has been operating since 2000.

LeisureTheme is personal service, you will correspond directly with David.

Contact David now to discuss your dream holiday in New Zealand. We promise expertise and a fast response - without obligation on your part.